IC221: Systems Programming (SP16)

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Connecting to Lab Computers

To run any of the ic221 scripts you must be logged into a Michelson Hall, CS lab computer that is running Linux. It will *NOT* work on your VM on your laptop. Fortunately, access to a lab machine is rather easy from your laptop's VM using ssh, the secure remote shell.

To ssh into a lab computer, note a computer number when you visit lab and issue the following command in your terminal:

  ssh -Y username@michROMcsd##u.academy.usna.edu


So, for example, for user m189999 to connect to lab computer number 02 in mich302, they will use the following ssh command:

   ssh -Y m189999@mich302csd02u.academy.usna.edu

In that terminal, now connected to the remote machine, you can perform all your work and you can also run emacs/vi and it should pop up as a new window in your VM.

Updating your ic221 directory

To retrieve new course code, run the update script while connected to a lab computer:


This will put new files in your home directory under the ic221 folder. You will complete all your work in this directory, and only files in this directory on a lab computer can be submitted for credit.

Submitting your ic221 labs

To submit your labs, you'll use the ic221 submit script by executing the following program:

The submit script will prompt you for what assignment you want to submit, so selct the right one. Then it will confirm submission.

You can submit multiple times before a deadline. It will not overwrite previous submissions, but only your last submission will be graded.

Checking Submission Success

You can check if your submission succeeded and which files you submitted using the following script:


The program will list all your submissions and times submitted