Funding Totals

Includes competitive external funding, internal funding, and gifts.

  • Total Funding Participation: $9,724,009
  • Funding Share at GW: $1,573,240
  • Funding Share at USNA: $909,670


  • PI: Collaborative Research: Conference: 2023 Workshop for Aspiring PIs in Secure and Trusted Cyberspace. With PI Rachel Greendstadt. 2023. $162,067 ($117,392 at GW)
  • PI: Google ASPIRE: Measuring the Evolution and Migration of Android Malware. With Gianluca Stringhin. 2022. $105,000. ($52,500 at GW.)
  • Co-PI: NSF CICI: USCC: Supporting Scientists as End-Users in Managing Security and Privacy. With PI Michelle Mazurek. 2023. $600,000 ($249,967 at GW).
  • PI: NSF SaTC EDU: Security and Privacy Implications of Remote Proctoring for School Policies and Practices. With Co-PI Ryan Watkins (GW), PI Micah Sherr (Georgetown). 2022. $499,900 ($309,163 at GW)
  • PI: NSF: SCC-PG: Privacy and Fairness in Planning when using Third-Party, Heterogeneous Data Sources. With SP Aylin Caliskan, SP Adam Bates, SP Nikita Borisov, and SP Celeste Chavis. 2021. $149,241. ($65,574 at GW)
  • NSF: CAREER: Enhancing Mobile Authentication by Measuring the Authentication Life-Cycle. PI Adam J. Aviv. $699,999
  • PI: Google Faculty Research Award:Security Assessment of In-App Authentication on Android.2020. $78,645.
  • ONR: New Oblivious Algorithms for Practical Applications. PI Adam J. Aviv, Co-PI Seung Geol Choi, Co-PI Travis Mayberry, Co-PI Daniel S. Roche. 2019-2021. $148,947
  • ONR: Delegating Access Control using Attribute Based Encryption (ABE). PI Seung Geol Choi (USNA), Co-PI Adam J. Aviv (USNA), Co-PI Daniel S. Roche (USNA), Co-PI Travis Mayberry (USNA), PI Karuna P. Joshi (UMBC), Co-PI Tim Finnin (UMBC). $329,873 ($109,826 at USNA)
  • NSF:SaTC:Small: RUI: Achieving Practical Privacy for the Cloud. PI Adam J. Aviv, Co-PI Daniel S. Roche (USNA), Co-PI Seung Geol Choi (USNA), and Co-PI Travis Mayberry (USNA). 2016-2019. $354,837 at USNA.
  • ONR: Tactile Authentication Methods for Mobile Devices in Cyber-Security Settings. PI Adam J. Aviv PI Ravi Kuber (UMBC). 2015-2018. $367,000 ($34,000 at USNA).
  • ONR: Ensuring Secure Cloud Services Using Policy Based Approaches. PI Seung Geol Choi, Co-Pi Adam J. Aviv, Co-PI Daniel S. Roche, PI Karuna P. Joshi (UMBC), and Co-PI Tim Finnin (UMBC). 2015-2018. $448,500 ($116,180 at USNA)
  • NSF: SaTC: Medium: Active Security. PI Adam J. Aviv, PI Eric Keller (UCol. Boulder), PI Jonathan M. Smith (Penn). 2014-2019 $1,200,000 ($93,880 at USNA).
  • ONR: Interaction Layer Security of Tactile Devices. PI Adam J. Aviv. 2013-2015. $60,000 at USNA.
  • Science of Security Lablet at UMD. PI Jonathan Katz, Co-PI Adam J . Aviv, Co-Pi Jen Golbeck, et al. 2014-2016. $4,500,000 ($32,000 at USNA)
  • Verisign: Research Support Gift $20,000