Adam J. Aviv

Associate Professor of Computer Science
The George Washington University

SEH 5810


About Me

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the George Washington University. I have broad research interests, primarily in the area of computer security/cybersecurity, privacy, and usable security. Recently, I have been focusing on human factors in mobile authentication and oblivious access in the cloud.

I am the lead for the George Washington University/Usable Security and Privacy Lab (gwusec). If you are interested in joining the lab or collaborating on research, more information can be found there.

Spring 2020 Information


  • New I have a new conference article appearing at SOUPS'2020
    • Raina Samuel, Philipp Markert, Adam J. Aviv, and Iulian Neamtiu. Knock, Knock. Who's There? On the Security of LG's Knock Codes. 2020 Symposium on Usable Security and Privacy (SOUPS'20). Pgs. 1-24. USENIX. 2020.
    • Preprint on the arxiv
    • Presentations will appear on the USENIX website
  • New We have a new gwusec lab page!
  • New Three new students are joining the research group at GW: David Balash, Nelson Jaimes, and Collins Munyendo. Welcome!
  • New I have a new conference article appearing at IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland)
  • New I've been awarded a Google Faculty Research Award for work on in-app authentication usage on Android.
  • New USNA undergraduate Tim Forman and myself have an accepted Late Break Work paper accepted at CHI'20. .
    • Timothy J. Forman, Adam J. Aviv, and Daniel S. Roche. Twice as Nice? A PreliminaryEvaluation of Double Android Unlock Patterns. To appear in CHI'20 Extended Abstracts.
  • I'm hiring I'm looking to admit 2 to 3 Ph.D. students in the next 2 years. Please reach out if you're interested.
  • I've been awarded the NSF CAREER award for my work on mobile authentication.
  • Big News I started a new position at GW