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This course is based (with permission) on material provided by Scott Routi, taught at University of Tennesee at Knoxville, and Daniel Zappala, taught at Bringham Young University. Other material developed from Carmela Tronscoso, Mathias Payer, Joe Goldfrank. Other material are provided credit where appropriate.

All teaching materials in this class, including slides, homework, assignments, practices exams and quizzes, are copyrighted either by Adam Aviv or others. Reproduction, redistribution is not permissible without explicit permission, such as uploading any or part of these materials to public or private websites without the instructor’s explicit consent or the copyright holder. Violating this copyright policy will be considered an academic integrity violation.

Reading materials linked off this website, such as the textbook, are also copyrighted by their respective publishers and/or authors and cannot be re-posted without prior authorization from the publisher. Those materials used here for the purpose of education